15 Most Bizarre Sleeping Positions Of Dogs That Made Them Look Super Funny

No one will deny that all human beings and animals, especially babies are so damn cute and innocent while sleeping. We all have certain positions more comfortable for us to enjoy our sleep and rest better. But these positions can sometimes get so funny for those who look at us from aside. However, this post is not about us but our fluffy four-legged friends who find the funniest and weirdest ways to get some rest.

Unlike human beings who only sleep once a day, dogs need multiple times of sleep during 24 hours and each sleep can stretch from 45 minutes to an hour. While grown dogs sleep a maximum of 14 hours a day, little puppies can sleep up to 20 hours and make their owners enjoy their cuteness more during the whole day.

Choosing the most bizarre positions and places to nap makes these playful creatures not only cute but also funny, so much that one cannot help taking a shot and sharing with everyone on social media. The weird stuff and entertaining lifestyle of pets have become the source for dozens of challenges. One of them is #SleepingDogChallenge that gathered more than 15K snaps of doggos enjoying their sweetest dreams.

We prepared the funniest of them for our readers reminding that you can take a nap anywhere if you are really tired and look cute and funny at the same time. Let’s go!

#1. They say this is the most comfortable way to take a nap

Photo © Denise Halstead

#2. “What I wake up to daily.”

Photo © Elisha Pellissier

#3.  Mr. King just loves to sleep! He will fall asleep anywhere at anytime

Photo © Kia Ora Whanau

#4. “I’m comfy when the couch is all mine”

Photo © Emily Grace Pratt

#5. Charlie and Jack love their afternoon naps

Photo © Michael Jankovich

#6. “I found my mummy’s team meeting so boring I fell asleep sitting up and snored my head off for half an hour “

Photo © Zoe Pate

#7. Look at those little leggies and the smile in his sleep

Photo © Alexandra Adams

#8. “Anyone else or only mine is just a hot mess?”

Photo © Sol Sti

#9. I can even hear the sound of his snoring

Photo © Jensen Maynard

#10. Sweet dreams are made of this

Photo © Kassidy Huston

#11. When you’re so content that mom is home from school you fall asleep while holding her hand

Photo © Annie Schulz

#12. He’s definitely fighting other dogs in his sleep

Photo © Anthony Domienik

#13. Just a boy and his teddy bear. And they are so cute together

Photo © Samantha Ashley

#14. “My baby turned into a sloth in his sleep!”

Photo © Jennifer Bernard

#15. This tongue never fits in his mouth when he’s sleeping

Photo © Kayla Michelle Sprecker