15 Most Adorable Baby Highland Calves That Are So Cute They Will Become Your Favorite Animal

Would you ever imagine that cows just like bunnies, puppies, and kittens could be the most adorable animals drawing a smile on your face even when the last thing you wanted was to smile at that moment? We’re sure most of you answered “hell, yessss” in your mind and immediately recalled the sweetest babies of highland calves.

As you may have heard the highland calves are a Scottish breed of cows that stand out for their luxurious fur that resembles a coat to help them endure the strongest winds and heaviest rains.

So imagine how adorable the baby calves can be with their fluffiest fur and heart-melting faces.

We are simply in love with each one of these creatures. Check out the photos and upvote your favorite moo.

#1.  Highland calves are the cutest, ain’t they?

Photo: © RedstoneRacoon

#2. Look at this adorable face.

Photo: © happyhensandhighlands

#3. A 2-week old Highland calf

Photo: © PeevesPoltergist

#4. A cute baby highland calf doin’ a blep.

Photo: © ThePamphleteer

#5. An Adorable Highland Calf enjoying the holiday season with a Santa Hat.

Photo: © InterestingRadio

#6. This probably the most adorable highland calf

Photo: © imlazydwi

#7. Tell us if this is not the cutest thing, then what is?

Photo: © happyhensandhighlands

#8. Look at this little beauty…she is absolutely stunning

Photo: © greenlanefarm

#9. Why do they always blep? Did you notice it too?

Photo: © cowphoto365

#10. This smile is so damn precious

Photo: © happyhensandhighlands

#11. Some serious but still adorable vibes

Photo: © happyhensandhighlands

#12. Curly and all flirty

Photo: © riuttahighland

#13. Going for a ride and being all cute

Photo: © cowxinsta

#14. Also sweet when having a meal

Photo: © krugou

#15. Adorable fluffy highland calf

Photo: © CryptoExodus