15 mesmerizing Photos Of The Infinite Depth Of Underwater That Will Awaken all Your Fears

Aquaphobia is the irrational fear of water, which actually doesn’t present much danger. This is quite common and in some cases justified. The sea is the icon of endless beauty and calmness, skipping the fact that it’s not always that calm. But it’s also the home of dark and hidden secrets.

Our team at Modern Mood has prepared 15 hypnotizing photos from the endless depths that will probably start to scare you if you stare at them long.

There is also a bonus that will scare the hell out of you in the end. So just keep on scrolling to check the photos and write in the comments if you have aquaphobia too.

#1. The mesmerizing deep roots of Tulum

Photo: © deadGOOS3

#2. Eerie looking oyster farm

Photo: © GTA_Trevor

#3. What lies at the bottom…

Photo: © WheresmyDeadHard

#4. Alone in the ocean…

Photo: © ilikedonatswhitzelja

#5. How scary would that be?

Photo: © HauntingOutcome

#6. Along the Nagabeta Seabed Road in Japan

Photo: © Imgur

#7. The mystical Underwater Path. Magical Zakynthos Caves, Greece.

Photo: © 5_Frog_Margin

#8. The submarine crew having a swim in the deep ocean.

Photo: © SausageMcWonderpants

#9. Seaweed forest revealed beneath the waves

Photo: © BeardedGlass

#10. In the deep dark ocean, you can’t see what’s swimming up beneath you…

Photo: © EyesNoEyes__

#11. Avocado Beach, New South Wales, Australia

Photo: © pinkshift

#12. How creepy and at the same time beautiful is this?

Photo: © NotTheChinesePolice

#13. This sunken plane gives a weird feeling

Photo: © PurpleSprite69

#14. On a boat but still underwater

Photo: © Sapital8246

#15. This sign in an underwater cave

Photo: © ActuatorFresh

#Bonus: The siren by Daniel Jimenez

Photo: © aztecapoo