15 Men Reveal Their Under-beard Faces And We Can’t Stop Laughing

Ready to see some hilarious magic with just a little change of perspective? Things and objects are damn confusing when you look at them from different angles and perspectives. And oh so funny, so freaking funny. A super funny trend that has gone viral on the Internet shows that confusing perspectives can also make us crack from laughter. Bearded men turn their heads backward exposing their chin to show us their under-beard faces, sometimes even add eyes, a nose, and a mouth to simply have fun and make others laugh too.

Everything strange is loved by people and when it’s also fun that makes it even more enjoyable. The mission of “under beard” is simple: it has a face and it’s up to you to reveal the most creative version of that face.

Check out these hilarious photos and share yours too in the comments and we’ll choose the most creative one!

#1. Crooked hairline.

Photo: © AdamFSU

#2. Feeling amazed

Photo: © AdamFSU

#3. A Sad Punk

Photo: © damFSU

#4. Finally got my beard long enough to have a face

Photo: © mayorodoyle

#5. This life can’t stop shocking me

Photo: © xerxeswastaken

#6. My new favourite hobby.

Photo: © johnnyryalle

#7. Felt cute. Might delete later

Photo: © spaghetti_wizard1

#8. I never knew my under beard was Coolio!

Photo: © daaave33

#9. This gets so funny.

Photo: © AdamFSU

#10. So easy to get entertained

Photo: © ac2348

#11. Epic transformation

Photo: © Epic Funny

#12. Weird painter

Photo: © Epic Funny

#13. Cute smile!

Photo: © Epic Funny

#14. Would you go on a date with me?

Photo: © Epic Funny

#15. How you doin’?

Photo: © Epic Funny