15 Masterpieces Of Photography Showing The Fantastic Beauty Of Natural Phenomena

Because of strong winds, flooding, and lightning strikes thunderstorms can cause massive damages and destruction to nature and business and personal properties. But photography and talented photographers who manage to capture perfect moments have come to prove that even the most destructive natural phenomena can look stunningly beautiful and fantastic.

We have prepared a collection of the most breathtaking views of natural phenomena like thunderstorms, lightning, Northern lights, the mesmerizing depths of underwater to show you how incredible nature is and how lucky we are to have photography to be able to see the fantasy of nature.

#1. Thunderstorm in Texas by storm chaser Laura Rowe

Photo: © Unknown

#2. The clouds are called ‘mammatus’, and are formed under intense storm clouds as cold air descends rapidly through them.

Photo: © easefulplaces

#3. Trees also do some social distancing

Photo: © prettycoolpig

#4. The Icelandic Beauty

Photo: © deeptravelling

#5. Amazingly purple and blue porcelain berries.

Photo: © Parking_Pollution936

#6. The bright dancing lights of the aurora are actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere.

Photo: © vicky.yeow

#7. Hummingbird

Photo: © redditsdaddio

#8. Have you ever spotted bioluminescent algae in your neck of the woods?

Photo: © creektocoast

#9.  The Mobula Ray migration across the open ocean

Photo: © ToughAcanthisitta451

#10. The beauty of the underwater

Photo: © fainepearl

#11. Spider apocalypse in Australia after a flood

Photo: © Flying-Cock

#12. South Haven South Pier Light is beautiful in the winter, too

Photo: © mymichiganbeach

#13. Carrying the world on your back

Photo: © Flatulent_Rimjob

#14. “Slurpee Waves” by Jonathan Nimerfroh

Photo: © samuelowen

#15. The animals were rescued together from a drug dealer who had abused them extensively. The three friends are now inseparable. They are under the care of the Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in the U.S.

Photo: © Outrageous_Bell4293