15 Majestic Shots That Prove Nature Is The Most Creative Artist And Its Artworks Are The Finest Masterpieces Of Our World

The reason why we post so frequently about the fascinating creatures and phenomena of Nature is simply that we can’t get enough of all its majesty and the amazingness it’s got to offer us.

The incredible red-legged honeycreeper, the amazing turtle that’s got fires on his shell, the majestic snow owl that it’s even hard to believe belong in this world, and all the natural phenomena, breathtaking panoramas like the hypnotizing Blue Hole in Croatia, the incredibly beautiful sunset in the Mount Rainier National Park or the magical view of Arishiyama bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan are the real proofs that Nature is indeed the most creative artist in this universe.

So, take a break from the dull routine and scroll down to admire the finest artworks of nature that will definitely make you never question its power to create the best.

#1. The amazing red-legged honeycreeper

Photo: © IamTaiLambo

#2. The hypnotizing Blue Hole in Croatia

Photo: © ElectronicRhubarb841

#3. The tiger on the run shows Nature in all its majesty

Photo: © IamPotato14

#4.  The breathtaking Italian Alps

Photo: © Technical_Wedding144

#5. How incredible is this turtle’s shell?

Photo: © Anonymousfoxtrot

#6. Arishiyama bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan

Photo: © Technical_Wedding144

#7.  Snowy Owl is one of the most fascinating creations of Mother nature

Photo: © Fluid-Daydreamer

#8. This view is love. Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State.

Photo: © microwave_head

#9. How gracious is the Indian Roller?

Photo: © Anonymousfoxtrot

#10. Bioluminescence plankton. Still, think magic doesn’t exist?

Photo: © Gavin_beast13

#11. The majestic Kudu Bull in South Africa

Photo: © xXOxifiedXx

#12. Wizard’s Hat rock formation, Oregon.

Photo: © saintleelyon

#13. We can’t get enough of this amazing creature.  A sea slug: Spanish Shawl

Photo: © ncnotebook

#14.  When sand meets rocks, Nimba Desert

Photo: © 3fxz

#15. And lastly, check out the cutest creature – the Mandarin Duck

Photo: © Mandarin Duck