15 Little Miracles Happening Right In Front Of Us That We Never Noticed Before

It was a lot easier when we were all kids and could notice the wonderful things around us and sincerely have fun. As time passes we all become reluctant to the magic that’s actually going on just in front of us.

But this doesn’t change the fact that this world still has astonishing phenomena in store for us. There is no need to dig into the most extraordinary things because even the most ordinary things have the power to amaze us.

And this collection is the best proof of it. So scroll down to see the real miracles happening right next to us and be more present in the moment to catch those miracles yourself too!

#1. A dog fell asleep in the rain and the “shadow” looks like a cartoon dog.

Photo: © parothed28

#2. This Chunk of Striped Iceberg is a real marvel

Photo: © SunCloud-777

#3. Magical bench engulfed by two trees

Photo: © AlecLienhard

#4. WOW. A petrified iron ladder

Photo: © milkshay

#5. Oceans are filled with massive, hollow, worm-like entities called pyrosomes that can grow as big as a sperm whale.

Photo: © dorito_whamen

#6. This tree decided to get a tattoo

Photo: © molehillmilk

#7. Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree, Hawaii. Isn’t it amazing?

Photo: © NikTheNerdBoy

#8. Nature has won again

Photo: © snuglyguy

#9. “I made a prom dress out of recycled Doritos bags from my school cafeteria”

Photo: © clairanic

#10. How cool is this pattern?

Photo: © K4Kerala

#11. “The Traveller,” a realistic sculpture at Orlando International Airport

Photo: © Algerian-Born-Free

#12. Nature is indeed the most creative artist

Photo: © Exotica01

#13. Polar bear or just a cloud?

Photo: © ash4632mm

#14. The storm knocked over a tree which roots lifted the car parked next to it.

Photo: © McAwesome4

#15. A full rain … circle

Photo: © FakingGoodLife