15 Interesting Photos As a Daily Portion Of New Discoveries

It’s time to take a virtual trip around the world to explore more of the amazing phenomena and creatures found in every corner of this crazy journey.

But be prepared for not seeing everything at once because even though we try so hard to collect the most interesting and captivating phenomena there are still things out of our reach. But if you keep up with our daily posts you’ll learn and discover more and that’s for sure.

This time we compiled photos of various facts that you might never have searched for to learn about and might never have seen before. So just scroll down to see the photos.

#1. When Nature gets bored, it gets creative

Photo: © nomadicsaint96

#2. Hydrosaurus, also known as “sailfin lizard” are named after the sail-like structure on their tails

Photo: © PC_Cuuhhrriiss

#3. The ball of a pen losing ink while rolling over the paper.

Photo: © bymingo100

#4. A mesmerizing skeleton of conjoined twins at the Mütter Museum

Photo: © IAmARedditComment

#5. An incredible transformation of leg-lengthening treatment. From 3’10 to 4’11.

Photo: © unknown

#6. There is a tribe in India that makes living bridges out of ficus tree roots which 15-30 years to complete and can bear around 35 people at a time.

Photo: © DisheveledTamarillo

#7. “Abbey” stain glass costume by Paige Gardner.

Photo: © Fluid-Daydreamer

#8. A caribou captured shedding its velvet.

Photo: © Elephant-Killer

#9. It’s April, time for Cherry Blossoms. Planted in 1980, Bonn’s “Cherry Blossom Tunnel” is among Germany’s most spectacular trees.

Photo: © Sapulinjing

#10. Purussaurus is one of the largest known giant crocodilians, perhaps even surpassing Sarcosuchus in size.

Photo: © HattoriHanzo983

#11. This 3,000+ pound Quartz cluster was found when this man was digging to install power cables under his lawn. He later sold it for 500.000 USD

Photo: © leakytoquito

#12. Ants gutted an almond to make their own almond flour.

Photo: © Buford-T-Justis

#13. A mesmerizing iceberg that has flipped over in Antarctica.

Photo: © ppppie_

#14. When you are “a sheet of ice” away from a man-eater alligator

Photo: © Boeruhhh

#15. When you wake up to this in just one night

Photo: © ledgendary