15 Incredible Findings That Are So Amazing We Can’t Believe They Existed So Close To Us

Sometimes the most unexpected and extraordinary things are right next to us or a bit farther like in the corner of the street. Still, close enough, aren’t they? We think there is so little left in this world that can surprise us but it turns out we couldn’t be more wrong.

But the most amazing thing is that these incredible phenomena and objects are found in the most ordinary things and places that it is simply impossible not to notice them.

These people did and take pictures to show the world their incredible findings. Scroll down to see them too and tell us which one was the most unbelievable to you?

#1. An Alligator Gar skull someone found while hiking

Photo: © Scarfan9

#2. Baby squirrels fell out of the nest but successfully reclaimed by Mom later.

Photo: © GiveSomeLove82

#3. A washed-up whale spine

Photo: © evercurious13

#4. How long did it take you to realize this is not a leaf?

Photo: © Anonymousfoxtrot

#5. “Found a perfect salt crystal in my sea salt packet”

Photo: © c3r3n1ty

#6. The reflection from the window decal makes this toilet look like a quest item in a video game

Photo: © DanielInternets

#7. The magic of lines

Photo: © 9999monkeys

#8. This sofa set is made out of red bricks.

Photo: © presidentkangaroo

#9. A tiny sword carved out of a pencil.

Photo: © punk-and-disorderly

#10. A tattoo under a macro lens.

Photo: © AlphaGateIs2ndGate

#11. People offering prayers at River Yamuna, India, which is frothing from industrial waste.

Photo: © Particular_Ad6495

#12. A skatepark shaped like bacon and eggs an hour out of Seattle

Photo: © Gregor7

#13. The reflection of the chandelier in the coffee.

Photo: © bartarton

#14. “I found a Jesus-pan walking around in Berlin, DE”

Photo: © osachaw

#15. 35 pounds of honey found in the roof

Photo: © Jones641