15+ Impressive Shots That People Shared Reminding Us That Everything Super Exciting Lives Right Next To Us

Everything incredible happens in a split second, and those who have a camera on hand are lucky to capture these moments and share them with the world too. Sometimes you don’t have to read millions of books to learn about the fantastic stuff in this world: paying attention and noticing the smallest things around us will be more than enough.

We at Modern Mood have prepared a collection with everything curious that some people have found and decided to share. Scroll down to see the post and tell us what your latest impressive finding was.

#1. We think this is a pretty cool experience

Photo: © CongHoaMuonNam

#2. This uranium glass collection is lit.

Photo: © Laverestudios

#3. A coincidence? I don’t think so!

Photo: © WonBigMayor

#4. These pyramid-shaped caps mimic piled-up bountiful product displays

Photo: © Zfriske

#5. This is one of those trees from “Nightmare before Christmas.”

Photo: © silentcrafting

#6. These sticks are attached to cats to prevent them from stepping out

Photo: © hiyame

#7. My cell phone turns 18 this year.

Photo: © SystemSpiker

#8. Fireworks reflection

Photo: © peterpeterny

#9. Pigeons know how to photobomb photos

Photo: © RiceB0wI

#10. Matching realities

Photo: © ninemoonblues

#11. This piece of metal rusted into a nuclear detonation.

Photo: © BrownvilleREM

#12. So you know: A car can only fit 15 mannequins if two are strapped to the roof.

Photo: © djangohimself

#13. A shadow of a banana or an opera singer?

Photo: © Stock-Airline3440

#14. The life jackets on this ferry are stored on the ceiling.

Photo: © rightsoherewego

#15. Apartment buildings are going green

Photo: © DopePingu

#16. A cantaloupe that’s square inside is a one-in-a-million thing

Photo: © alisonj143