15 Images Seeing Which Only One Question Arises: “What The Hell IS Going On Here”

What can shock you the most? Unexpected situations, unknown and strange creatures, or scary turnarounds? Well, you may pick one option but after seeing the photos in this collection you will definitely think all of them can become a source of a real shock.

Sometimes nature is the one to blame for tricking us into the unexpected turn of events and sometimes the earthly matters take over the power to make our jaws drop. Whichever the shock is caused by, the photos we want to share with you will give you shivers.

And if the photos could speak they would scream “What the hell is going on here?”

#1. Imagine coming back from work to find this in your living room

Photo: © jacklaros

#2. Isn’t this giant concrete bunny just terrifying?

Photo: © fyrie

#3. A clown mannequin half a mile deep into a drainage pipe tied to a grate.

Photo: © SoDakZak

#4. What, exactly, was the sequence of events that led to this?

Photo: © 6ThreeSided9

#5. Just a lovely morning view in Alaska

Photo: © 5_Frog_Margin

#6. Pristine timing…

Photo: © Slazo-v2

#7. Could anyone explain this?

Photo: © ObecalpEffect

#8. We feel your pain

Photo: © Fifvolhgfinb

#9. Furby taxidermy is a real thing

Photo: © moosedownjacket

#10. Sea monsters are real after all

Photo: © Prostoilogin

#11. This guy has only four fingers on his left hand, with the index finger in the place of the thumb

Photo: © M-Saga

#12. Los Angeles is a heavenly place on earth

Photo: © Fishninja11

#13. By the people who leave their right leg out of the blanket so it’s not too hot and not too cold

Photo: © flyart

#14. An impressive shot of a tree in the Napa wildfire

Photo: © Imgur

#15. Never saw it coming…This hurts…

Photo: © anewhigh