15 Hilariously Funny Photos Of People Who Had A Really Bad Day That It Is Even Painful To Watch

The unexpected and the unplanned misfortunes we face in real life come out very tough and for some people even tougher. Fortunately enough, the black stripes in our lives, like the white stripes are temporary. What remains is the photos shot by someone who was there to evident someone else’s bad luck and shared with us too. We shall admit that these shots are hilariously funny.

Of course, it’s always inappropriate and too rude to laugh at people’s bad luck but these photos are so hilarious we can’t even contain ourselves.

Check out the 15 examples of situations that definitely suck. These people had the hardest day and our team sincerely hopes that something nice will happen to them tomorrow!

#1. Pro-tip: When transporting paint make sure it is properly secured. Especially if you are driving in a $90,000 Maserati.

Photo: © Mr_PoodlePants

#2. Another piece of advice: Never bake cookies in a crop top

Photo: © SaraBear250

#3. A friend bought a new $500 speaker today, tripped on the stairs 4 stories up while carrying it above his head

Photo: © duckonquack___

#4. “My car got struck by lightning today.”

Photo: © opihinalu

#5. The painful perks of having a cat

Photo: © Imgur

#6. Found the internet…

Photo: © kuruboy

#7. His shoulder exploded while benching.

Photo: © Sonakstyle

#8. “Tried to wash my pillows… they exploded and filled my washing machine with sticky blue and green pillow fluff.”

Photo: © SteveLikesToBake

#9. Oh no! It is even painful to watch

Photo: © plackatack

#10. Thunderstorms, scared dogs, and scheduled automatic vacuums don’t go well together.

Photo: © IHaveAbsolutlyNoIdea

#11. “I’m not sure what I’m more disappointed about – the leftover soup that was for lunch tomorrow or the yet to be tried Scorpion Tabasco sauce”

Photo: © Hayhayy25

#12. “The diamond in my ring fell out today. It came with a 10-year workmanship guarantee. Yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary”

Photo: © Blueskittle101

#13. “No caramel for my ice cream I guess”

Photo: © _The_Horny_Unicorn_

#14. “Did a Psychedelic Jerry puzzle. Missing a piece got an extra copy of another piece instead”

Photo: © vcaumeran

#15. When you drop the milk just right

Photo: © PadenLIVE