15 Hilarious Things That Don’t Belong With The Others But Are Perfectly disguised Among Them

Do you like games checking the level of your attentiveness, like “find five differences” or “which object doesn’t belong here”?

Well, we have prepared a little game for you to check how present you are and how quickly you can find the thing that is not like the others.

From little kittens pretending to be huskies in disguise, or puppies feeling super cozy among other puppy toys to a Mike Wazovski camouflaged among green apples, these hilarious photos will make you look twice until you find the cheaters in them.

We had super fun while compiling these humorous photos and we’re sure you’ll have super fun at playing too. Scroll down to check out the collection.

#1. It took us a while to find the white-furred imposter, and you?

Photo: © sadieperson

#2. “I just realized it’s more fun to take the public transport”

Photo: © GallowBoob

#3. He thinks he’s found his family

Photo: © chemistrydoc

#4. How many seconds did it take you to find him?

Photo: © Imgur

#5. Fake it till you make it.

Photo: © GallowBoob

#6. The perfect surprise of the soldier

Photo: © Imgur

#7. Day 12, they still haven’t noticed

Photo: © imgur

#8. Cheater but still so adorable

Photo: © Boo

#9. The Batman is just a bonus

Photo: © aPrideofLions

#10. This is precisely the way you become one of them

Photo: © u/Burhantahir

#11. Okay, we are a little confused here.

Photo: © yutafamily

#12. Try at one guess: who doesn’t belong here?

Photo: © Bratchan

#13. Nice try, Mike.

Photo: © rgrassly

#14. Who wore it better?

Photo: © beedat

#15. Meet the master of hide and seek

Photo: © Raowss35