15 Hilarious Photos Of Men Who Are The Best Proofs Why Women Live Longer Than Them

Leaving aside all the biological and environmental factors that result in women living longer than men there are a bulk of reasons why men live shorter, one of them being their dumb nature. No, seriously. Keep on scrolling to see what we mean here.

Living on the edge, being in constant extremes sounds fun until this becomes the very reason for irreversible damages. And this doesn’t only concern the fact of not checking both sides before crossing the street.

We have compiled the dumbest collection after watching which you’ll definitely get the answer for the question: “Why men live shorter than women”.

#1. Planting trees…

Photo: © infinitelolipop

#2. “Don’t worry Jim, there’s nothing that could go wrong here”

Photo: © zoalcoalt

#3. Just a little aircon unit maintenance work

Photo: © Grande_Yarbles

#4. An ordinary working day

Photo: © wtf_are_crepes

#5. “There is a piece of paper stuck, I’ll have it soon, don’t worry.”

Photo: © KotAufmBrot

#6. “I’d like to change a lamp”

Photo: © th2ndchmst

#7. He’s preparing his trip to Mars without NASA’s help.

Photo: © brunodeschenes1978_

#8. The supervisor of these guys said he had done this technique for years…

Photo: © AdmCake

#9. It’s painful to watch.

Photo: © reanimatorx2

#10. “Dude, hold my ladder”

Photo: © BobRoberts01

#11. The asphalt being rolled at the Talladega Speedway. 1969.

Photo: © Browndog888

#12. So many things can go wrong…


#13. “Don’t worry, we got you.”

Photo: © Imgur

#14. Who would do this for million euros?

Photo: © bruufd

#15. Is this even a ladder?

Photo: © dsmithpl12

#16. Teamwork makes the dream work

Photo: © JRDR_RDH

#17. This is what we call living on the edge

Photo: © guccigirlsgirth

#18. How did this even happen?

Photo: © DraxNet