15 Hilarious Photos From Dogs’ #LookAlikeChallenge That Made Owners Rediscover Their Crazy Dogs

The famous Facebook group the Dogspotting society very often starts the most hilarious challenges where people share the funniest, weirdest, most fun, and entertaining moments of their fluffy girls and boys.

In our previous posts, we already shared with our readers one of the challenges, the #SleepinDogChallenge, and had so much fun ourselves too. Now’s the time for #LookAlikeChallenge where users shared the crazy resemblance of their pets to famous characters and not only: from Scooby-Doo to Yoda, from a black panther to a cute cow.

You live with your pet for years and you never realize it looks like Chewbacca from Star Wars, Jenna Ortega from the Scream, or Mr. Snuffleupagus, or maybe Jared Leto? In fact, dogs have so many faces and so many characters that it is not even surprising to see them being a Dobby for one moment then giving the meanest look like we’re used to seeing in funny memes.

#1. He just nailed the #lookalikechallenge

Photo © Amanda Oakman

#2. Baby lama

Photo © hundanda

#3. A doggo cow for the #lookalikechallenge Moo!

Photo © Kim McMurtrey

#4. Find 5 differences

Photo © Alfredo Lopez

#5. The same facial expression

Photo © mayathedood

#6. Looks like Charlie has a more sinister side to him

Photo © nimalrehabklinik

#7. Now You all know who my doppelgänger is!

Photo © noodles.pug.casanova

#8. This is so hilarious

Photo © charlieandgumball

#9. This one we are laughing out loud at

Photo © adelbodenkennels

#10. We’ve been getting some serious rain in the south, Ghost is tired of his 4 sisters beating upon him. He decided it was time to Braveheart

Photo © rescuedby4tails

#11. How funny is Marigold looking like a hefty Thanksgiving bird?

Photo © Kyle Mrrw

#12. Lord Falcor channeling his inner Yoda

Photo © Marjan Az

#13. Hmm, she’s even addicted to acorns…

Photo © Makayla Chigubu

#14. My baby cow!

Photo © Jay Nicole

#15. This crazy resemblance is killing

Photo © Megan Anderson