15 Hilarious Images That Look Like Something Completely Different When You Take A Second Glance

The human brain is indeed an incredible thing able to store more than 2.5 million gigabytes of digital memory. Our visual perception and ability to memorize things is the best way to describe the power of our brains. Moreover, we tend to see completely different things in various other objects and always compare them. This phenomenon is called pareidolia when we see something new in well-known objects. It definitely happened to all of us when we stared at the sky and saw the clouds shape a snake or a dragon.

We have prepared here some hilarious photos of objects that look like something else at the first sight but reveal something completely different if you stare at them for a while.

#1. Googly eyes make everything better.

Photo: © jodihas2kids

#2. Adios muchachos

Photo: © 9999monkeys

#3. Wouldn’t this be creepy to see up close?

Photo: © PizzeriaPirate

#4. Sneaking Out of the Lake

Photo: © microwave_head

#5. The “not impressed” look

Photo: © mike_pants

#6. Yellow Yukon at work today felt bad peeling it.

Photo: © FunkyChicken-

#7. Cabbage or an alien?

Photo: © ottotrees

#8. I don’t trust this onion’s intentions

Photo: © spectacular_carrot

#9. “It’s very stressful behind my washing machine”

Photo: © madeofmistake

#10. The resemblance is uncanny

Photo: © ateogeek

#11. “I think the pancake I made this morning may be pregnant:”

Photo: © fonziepants

#12. The graceful Snow Cat

Photo: © NoLongerThatGuy

#13. Potato garden

Photo: © patriot2606

#14. This nose is found in my business

Photo: © Meysonne

#15. Deep-Sea Bubbles. Find 5 differences

Photo: © FuzzdaddyX