15 Hilarious Gifts By Pets Who Decided To Show Their Love And Gratitude For Their Humans By Bringing Something “Nice” To Them

Life is full of pleasant moments and those we love most in this world make it a constant party with their presence and the smallest unexpected surprises. Those who have pets will definitely recall the moments of sincere joy their four-legged friends bring into their lives.

Even though our best pups can’t express their gratitude and love for us verbally they still do it with their cutest gestures and sometimes the unexpected gifts they think we’ll be very happy to have. And they couldn’t be more right. Even if those unexpected gifts are torn gloves, a skeleton of some dead animal, just flowers or a dead bird, we can’t help admiring and being super proud of our felines’ and pooches’ way of expressing their love and gratitude for us.

We have compiled the funniest and sometimes even the scariest collection of gifts pets have thought their owners would love so much. Strangely enough, they did, they did love those gifts and now are thinking about what to give their pets in return. What was the weirdest “gift” you got from your pet?

#1. As if he knew something bad was gonna happen today


#2. He helps the best with the baby.

Photo: © Imgur

#3. Bringing some dead animal skeleton. His way of saying “I love you”

Photo: © FuzzyKrogan

#4. “My dog’s shoe collection which I’ll have a hard time returning to neighbors.”

Photo: © kate9871

#5. “Thought you might like this cute gift I prepared for you”

Photo: © Maximum-Barracuda-27

#6. “At least he gives me flowers”

Photo: © Laurraaa4

#7. “I really tried hard to get you this”

Photo: © Hazel_ay2033

#8. She knows what exactly will cheer her human up

Photo: © luckyisdesii

#9. “He keeps on bringing vegetables from the neighbors garden and we think it’s adorable”

Photo: © Unknown

#10. Thought my human feels lie having a corn today

Photo: © AlexBangBang

#11. This proud face says: “I knew you liked it”

Photo: © moozirt

#12. They say dogs are men’s best friend and they couldn’t be more right

Photo: © Cromulus

#13. “Let me in, I brought you a gift you won’t be able to resist”

Photo: © alsomaggie

#14. This is called “neighbours were making barbeque”

Photo: © erigunn

#15. If he brings you dirt, be sure he loves you

Photo: © LandPirateSarah