15 Hilarious Failed Photos Of Cats That Actually Make Them Look Even Funnier

If you think you’re the only non-photogenic one then you could not be any wrong. We humans are not always satisfied with how we look in the photos but imagine what these cats would say if they could speak. Before some kind of magic happens and they do start speaking, their owners have even created a challenge (#unflatteringcatphotochallenge) where people can share the most failed photos of their felines.

Some of them are really creepy in these photos but it doesn’t make them any less adorable.

Scroll down to see the extremely amusing photos of cats our team has compiled that are so failed they even look funny. Comment on the most “unflattering” one.

#1. Look at this very unflattering face

Photo: © Veikerte Evita

#2. The screamer…

Photo: © Shannon Dunbar

#3. Insert the Halo theme for a more dramatic effect

Photo: © Taylor Thombs

#4. Mid-yawn stretch does make you look freaky, right?

Photo: © Kay Lindsay Sporrer

#5. This is hell of a creepy cat

Photo: © Erika Frye

#6. When you don’t know you look totally unflattering when suspicious

Photo: © Katie Simmons Fardsalehi

#7. Too happy to give a damn about being unflattering

Photo: © Tabetha Ortega

#8. Don’t scare the little kitty

Photo: © Seitan Jones

#9. “I’m cute anyway”

Photo: © Jetta Taylor

#10. “What’s this human doing to me?”

Photo: © Cameron McMurtrey

#11. His way of saying good morning

Photo: © Nathan Torraville

#12. Still cute as hell

Photo: © Gatitos que curan tu depresión

#13. Definitely not a morning person

Photo: © Roland Stewart

#14. Terrified from his own look

Photo: © Layne Mackenzie

#15. “Yeah, they still worship us”

Photo: © Cats With Powerful Auras