15 Hilarious Examples Of Failed Cooking That Prove Some People Should Never Be Allowed To Enter The Kitchen

Surely most of you know or heard about people that make masterpieces in the kitchen and simply impress with their skills in preparing super delicious meals. If you are a disaster in the kitchen and can’t even make something as simple as an omelet don’t be sad over it because you’re not the only one.

If it will encourage you even a little and convince you that you’re not the worst at cooking, after all, keep on scrolling to see what we’ve prepared for you here.

The 15 photos compiled in our article gave us pain while watching. They are the silent proof that some people should stay a very long distance away from the kitchen and cooking. Though we felt the pain, it was impossible not to laugh out loud at these photos.

#1. Pro tip: Never cook when drunk!

Photo: © CC-Hyper-Active

#2. Guess who had a bad day?

Photo: © the_sociopaths_dghtr

#3. Never bake cookies in a crop top

Photo: © SaraBear250

#4. Ahh…mozzarella stick perfection…

Photo: © Puluris

#5. “This is why I never cook”

Photo: © HunterI64

#6. Tips on how not to cook spaghetti squash…

Photo: © digiwurx

#7. This chicken broke the oven

Photo: © pinetreesAFD

#8. Brownies anyone?

Photo: © stoned_charcuterie

#9. Please remember that the stove is still hot after cooking.

Photo: © dasdingo1989

#10. If you failed the omelette, you’ll fail everything

Photo: © roperch

#11. Turned on the wrong stove burner and cooked the air fryer.

Photo: © LoserWithGlasses

#12. We thought this is an extra cheese but actually, someone was cooking a pizza with the plastic cutting board…

Photo: © GallowBoob

#13. I guess it’s time for a new pepper grinder

Photo: © rumdrunkprogrammer

#14. “Tried cooking dinner for the first time after weeks of takeout.”

Photo: © lil-haystack

#15. One of the reasons why a pizza oven is not for cooking a turkey

Photo: © sanfranfreak