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15 Halloween-Decorated Yards You’d Like To Get Closer

Halloween is a holiday whose history goes back to antiquity. It is believed that at night from October 31 to November 1, all evil spirits come out to walk among people. From here came the tradition of dressing up in scary costumes to hide from ghosts and other intruders.

But, even though this holiday is known all over the world, it has gained more popularity in the west than anywhere else. Here, people are especially anxious about its preparation: costumes, makeup, sweets, and, of course, decorating their homes. But if someone is limited to a pumpkin on the windowsill, then others do not want to be content with little. They turn on all their imagination and spare no effort to turn a dull courtyard into a real scene from a horror movie. And it turns out they are cool!

1. UV reactive toxic waste dump, because what’s scarier than pollution?

Photo: © Kokopelli_10

2. First Halloween in New House

Photo: © ApolloandFrens

3. Weather: FINALLY dips back into the ’60s. My house:

Photo: © KyleStyles

4. Too soon?

Photo: © jeffrey

5. I have over 100 handmade foam tombstones in my yard. This one is my favorite.

Photo: © Ok_Philosopher564

6. Wife’s pumpkin arch lit up! Really did tie it all together.

Photo: © screenshotofdispair

7. It took less than 24 hours for the first disgruntled Nextdoor message to come in

Photo: © chaz8900

8. We did our first trunk or treat tonight!

Photo: © orangepalm

9. My wife’s jack-o-lantern arch she made for our front porch.

Photo: © orangepalm

10. This is the Pumpkin House in Kenova, West Virginia. It displays 3,000 jack-o-lanterns every year.

Photo: © ivoryKyoti

11. My first pumpkin of the season

Photo: © AdlerEule

12. My husband corpsed a plastic vulture skeleton for Halloween. He decided the perfect place for it was on top of the mailbox.

Photo: © LanikeaDances

13. For Whom The Bell Tolls

Photo: © FewImportance9456

14. The front of my house this year. Not done yet but what do ya think?

Photo: © taafbawl

15. Took my Headless Horseman cosplay to visit Washington Irving in Sleepy Hollow

Photo: © WonderWmn212