15+ Greedy Trees That Consumed Everything Near Them Show How Powerful They Are

We know there is nothing more powerful than Nature because we have been proven so many times. Even so, it is always impressive to see fresh ways that it displays its power over absolutely everything on earth.

There is a subreddit on Reddit where people share some astonishing photos of trees that have claimed everything around them. The group is called trees sucking things, and the images show that trees can be much greedier than even most people.

Scroll down to see some impressive shots of this collection and try to escape if you see a greedy tree near you.

#1. We don’t know how this happened, but this tree is a hugger

Photo: © bored_in_birmingham

#2. Long-term sucking on a fence.

Photo: © geneviciously

#3. “Hey bro, wanna split that bench? It looks delicious.”

Photo: © redditbeastmason

#4. Growing on the remains of an old castle in Germany.

Photo: © TedTheHappyGardener

#5. Greedy but super adorable

Photo: © redditbeastmason

#6. Yes, it was delicious

Photo: © cant-chooseone

#7. Found your bike in Hattiesburg, MS

Photo: © Ra3t4rD

#8. These trees are enjoying a delicious red truck.

Photo: © theguywhoisheretoday

#9. Long abandoned RR track has a new owner

Photo: © morganmonroe81

#10. We hope this is a decoration

Photo: © mr_this

#11. Trees sucking on things or things sucking on trees?

Photo: © tannerladd

#12. This is so painful to look at

Photo: © theredhound19

#13. Breaking News: Ravenous Florida Tree consumes old Cadillac!

Photo: © FinlandBall1939

#14. Trees spread all their power all around them

Photo: © ShitStainedBallSack

#15. Abandoned M18 Hellcat. These things happen

Photo: © Bagpussreturns

#16. After all, the power is in Nature

Photo: © Bagpussreturns