15 Girls That Dared To Dye Their Hair In The Riskiest Shades Of Rainbow Colors And The Results Are Stunning

While tinges of red were a real trend in 2020 and are not going any far this year too from light peach to full ginger shades, colorful hair is always a trend that makes boom then fades away to come back with a harder boom.

From pastel unicorn colors to more vibrant ones, some people are not afraid to experiment with their natural hair color and turn them into real rainbows.

Our team has prepared some vibrant hairstyles of truly courageous girls that dared to dye their hair in the riskiest shades of rainbow colors.

Check the photos out and tell us would you risk trying these colors?


Photo: © elevatehair


Photo: © nikkiscandalous


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Photo: © xostylistxo


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