15 Gigantic Objects That Are Amazingly Enormous But Still Have Their Place On This Planet

We’re all giants for the tiniest creatures around the world. But for every huge object in this world, there is a huger one and this is the real fun of the game.

Comparing two different objects is not the best thing to do, but when the difference is too obvious it is impossible not to notice. Just like in the photos of this collection. The size of some stuff is indeed astonishing and when there is something for scale next to them the hugeness gets more highlighted.

But no matter how big these things are they still have their own special place on earth

#1. Why need a bodyguard when he’s next to you?

Photo: © digdilem

#2. The same size as a toddler

Photo: © Ploopy_R

#3. A Giant Golden Orb Spider named Martha in Australia is known to eat little birds if caught in its web

Photo: © DrFetusRN

#4. Giant Leatherback Sea Turtle

Photo: © Auxxit

#5. The Taj Mahal with humans for scale

Photo: © wjbc

#6. Meet Patrick, the oldest and largest living Wombat

Photo: © regian24

#7. Big boy, good boy, dangerous boy

Photo: © regian24

#8. One of the largest t rex skulls

Photo: © dyno67

#9. Well, we doubt this is a dog

Photo: © iamstephen

#10. Arc de Triomphe wrapped (Paris)

Photo: © VitaliEcho

#11. It turns out cucumbers can grow this big

Photo: © CamJongUn

#12. The atlas moth (Attacus atlas) is a species of lepidopteran in the Saturniidae family. It is the largest representative of the family and the largest moth in the world taking into account the total area of its wings

Photo: © j3ffr33d0m

#13. Absolute hoverboat!

Photo: © Bertje3000

#14. 80-year-old saltwater crocodile from Australia.

Photo: © TafelZitter

#15. Oh, my god! 800lb alligator.

Photo: © ProblemLongjumping12