15 Funny Mashups Of Animal Species Users Photoshopped To Get New Fantastic Hybrids

This world has gone crazy for quite a while already and no one will notice if we add some craziness and weirdness to it ourselves, right? Say mixing and matching different animals to get a new hybrid?

While hybrid animals are a common thing (like a Cama (Camel + Lama), a Liger (Lion + Female Tiger), a Wholphin (Wale + Dolphin), although it’s hard to believe in the existence of most of them. However, some people decided to bring the fun to a whole new level by creating even more hilarious hybrids we can’t look at without laughing. Keep on scrolling to meet the Tardigecko, Chillaphant, Owlves, and other creatures!

There is a group dedicated to hybrid animals where people create and share the craziest combinations of species with each other or with any other appropriate stuff.

Check out the most hilarious mashups and tell us which breed you like the most (after having a good laugh of course). Let’s go!

#1. Gor-ebra

Photo: © jkrebs04

#2. Ossstrich

Photo: © Brianmobile

#3. Doguin.

Photo: © DeJMan

#4. Is there something weird about them?

Photo: © ackstarving

#5. Owlves

Photo: © netwoodle

#6. Hairy Potter (Pony + Otter)

Photo: © Felfriast

#7. Chillaphant

Photo: © In-Jail-Out-Soon

#8. Tardigrecko.

Photo: © porkchop-sandwhiches

#9. Orangoatan

Photo: © ntnthrbllshtaccount

#10. Bearpacas

Photo: © Daft-Vader

#11. Call of the wild

Photo: © Dwarf-hybrids

#12. Dogowls

Photo: © gyyp

#13. Frogodile.

Photo: © porkchop-sandwhiches

#14. Cabbit

Photo: © naiviveidna

#15. And finally the Majestic Butterwhale

Photo: © Gnoll_Librarian