15+ Fascinating Images That Unveil The Rarity Of The Most Unique Creatures

Unfortunately, we don’t always notice the most fascinating and unbelievable things that this world is so full of. It takes only one glance to see the non-ordinary creatures and phenomena that make our lives on the planet so interesting and engaging.

And still, there are so many things left to discover. Today, we’re going to show some of the most interesting creatures and stuff that simply astonish us with their uniqueness.

Scroll down to see the collection of 16 images unveiling the rarity of certain things.

#1. Elderberries. They still look so yummy.

Photo: © geevaldes

#2. An American robin fledgling! They are starting to learn how to fly; their parents should be nearby, taking care of them.

Photo: © Litfather

#3. The most bizarre and tacky piece of decor – a painted fungal wreath

Photo: © serious_impostor

#4. Lawnmower after sitting a mere week in a moldy garage

Photo: © /trilobright

#5. So cool! Slime molds fascinate us!

Photo: © saddestofboys

#6. This cocoon is called a Nad. Only found in Goa. So one might say it’s a Goa Nad…

Photo: © serpent-saint04

#7. The molded orange looks like the sprite logo

Photo: © cameronwaldal

#8. The sporangia become lighter in color as they lose their dark brown spores.

Photo: © WolfbriarBlack

#9. Not eggs! DIDERMA SPUMARIOIDES. Part 1

Photo: © saddestofboys

#10. A crane fly, also known as daddy long legs, is harmless to humans

Photo: © klarkbars

#11. Lactarius indigo, commonly known as the indigo milk cap, is the most beautiful species of agaric fungus in the family Russulaceae.

Photo: © ikes2cookandwander

#12. Why does mold look disgusting sometimes?

Photo: © ah_ri_man

#13. Tarantulas are so terrifying but, at the same time, amazing creatures.

Photo: © CyberJunkieBrain

#14. Back with more tadpoles!

Photo: © zhastya

#15. Not eggs! DIDERMA SPUMARIOIDES. Part 2

Photo: © saddestofboys

#16. Where is the potato getting the nitrogen from if there is no earth?

Photo: © powerhouseofthecell8