15 Fascinating And Rare Phenomena That We Wouldn’t Even Believe Exist If Not For These Photo Proofs

Having access to the eternal source of information has made it harder to surprise us with anything anymore. However, if we have access to so much information it doesn’t mean we can learn about everything it means we can choose what we want to learn about, explore and discover. Our team always chooses the most stunning and rare things over the ordinary ones to go after.

So, in search of the unbelievable and the most interesting phenomena we dug deeper to find 15 amazing photo facts about different things, creatures, and phenomena in the existence of which is hard to believe even after seeing these photo proofs.

Scroll down and be prepared to be wowed at least 15 times!

#1. Circus Tree – six individual sycamore trees were shaped, bent, and braided to form this


#2. An antelope photographed in Botswana with a spiderweb between its horns

Photo: © MarvelousMattrick

#3. Mount Taranaki is around 120,000 years old and last erupted in 1775. It is found in Egmont National Park on the North Island of New Zealand.

Photo: © iklegemma

#4. The magical Pink explosion in Jeju City, South Korea

Photo: © HellsJuggernaut

#5. This tree collapsed in a very strange way from the weight of the snow

Photo: © pluey200

#6. The path left behind by a red pencil.

Photo: © bymingo100

#7. Wood carved shoes that were made to look like cow hooves. They were used by moonshiners to cover up/hide their tracks during Prohibition.

Photo: © myownfantasyworld

#8. Transparent Solar Panels Will Turn Windows Into Green Energy Collectors

Photo: © Snoo_28960

#9. A very creative piece of street art

Photo: © anthonyhui

#10. UV lamp “light baths” were given to Soviet kids in an attempt to supply them with vitamin D during the winter. (1987)

Photo: © myownfantasyworld

#11. Sperm whales (the largest toothed predator on earth) lack teeth in their upper jaw. Instead, they have tooth pockets that encompass the teeth on their lower jaw.

Photo: © MrBonelessPizza24

#12. Two styles combined

Photo: © anthonyhui

#13. The skull of the platypus.

Photo: © DoctorWhoniverse

#14. Nile crocodile peeking through its shell

Photo: © TurdsforNipples

#15. Phyllodes imperialis, the imperial fruit-sucking moth

Photo: © NamcheBarwa