15 Failed Internet Purchases That Could Make The Buyers Cry If They Weren’t So Funny

Online shopping has made our lives so much easier, there is a variety of all products, great choice and saves lots of time and effort. But what happens when you order the dress of your dreams, wait for 1-2 weeks and receive a completely different parcel or the dress is not what you expected at all.

Well, these things happen and you either have to be frustrated about it or just take a pic, send it to your friends and make fun of it. Well, it is always better to face these challenges and smile.

So, to make you smile (even laugh out loud at some), we have compiled this post of 15 failed purchases people made on online stores and surely regretted their time and money spent on them.

#1. What you order VS what you receive.

Photo: © invertedparadX

#2. Ordering pizza online hasn’t been this painful

Photo: © Tangerino28

#3. Life is pain

Photo: © DutchessRavenwave

#4. This is so bad it’s even good

Photo: © DutchessRavenwave

#5.  Halloween mask…It’s scarier than it’s in the ad, does it make it a non failed purchase?

Photo: © stokedlad2020

#6. Major fashion fail.

Photo: © alinesmith90

#7. A stuffed animal replica, it’s quite good, isn’t it?

Photo: © WaddupThugsBunny

#8. Lesson learned: never order anything in a glass bottle

Photo: © J-C-A-N

#9. “I ordered a 6ft tall rainbow tree from a Facebook ad and this is what showed up! I’m crying from laughing so hard, I’ve never had this happen in real life!’

Photo: © soomanytomatoes

#10. Ordered dumbbells and got this water bottle 2 months later instead…

Photo: © Ideologist

#11. This made us laugh out loud

Photo: © pokkerijumal

#12. Expectations vs reality

Photo: © Az0nic

#13. “The new tv that I saved for 4 months to be able to afford and then waited 3 weeks for shipping finally just arrived.’

Photo: © MysticSmear

#14. Ordered four “online exclusive” ceramic tiles They arrived today…

Photo: © big_macaroons

#15. Ordered a loveseat from IKEA…

Photo: © Imgur