15+ Extra Yummy Food That Was Super Disappointing To Find Out Are Not Edible

The human brain is an incredible thing, and no artificial intelligence will ever be able to function the way it does.

We look at something yummy and start drooling immediately because when looking at food visually makes us remember the taste of it. That’s why we get so disappointed when things that look so mouth-drooling are not actually made for eating.

We have selected photos that look painfully yummy but are forbidden.

1. These cables look like spaghetti.

Photo: © KoishiChan92

2. Tasty Waffles courtesy of Storm Arwen, Maesteg, Wales.

Photo: © whatatwit

3. Who left their burger in the snow?

Photo: © Taste_the__Rainbow

4. Forbidden overcooked dumpling soup.

Photo: © Adan714

5. Hard to resist taking a nibble on these delicious-looking forbidden Oreos.

Photo: © Eats_Ants

6. Forbidden egg.

Photo: © Elliottp626

7. Vanilla cat.

Photo: © ZacHefner

8. Forbidden glazed donut.

Photo: © InxomniacWriter

9. Forbidden banana.

Photo: © Loud-laugher

10. Cinnabun snake.

Photo: © Sweeney_Todd_is_best

11. Forbidden döner.

Photo: © TlalocVirgie

12. I’ve been working on pride flag dice and I just pulled these gorgeous lesbian dice! Haven’t been inked yet, what color do you folks think?

Photo: © GoldenSpiritDice

13. Forbidden Milkshake.

Photo: © LlamaSamma

14. Forbidden kiwi.

Photo: © secoy_

15. Forbidden olives (Illegal tire dumping in New Orleans East).

Photo: © SlammuBureaux

16. Forbidden Chocolates (A Gaggle of Snails).

Photo: © xhysics