15 Examples of Cool Designs That Are So Good They Don’t Even Need Advertising

There are two things with endless creativity and flow of imagination – nature and the human mind. The human mind and hands are able to create the most ingenious things which we have proved not just once.

We live in a century when not only the product but its design also matters, and sometimes it matters more than the product itself. Even the most common and often useless thing becomes a boom if added the right design. Better when the product is designed in a way that pleases the eye, is creative and convenient at the same time.

Our team found some objects and products with incredibly cool and creative design that is so good they don’t even need advertising or any marketing campaign.

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#1. This subway train has clouds on the ceiling to look like the sky

Photo: © co1063

#2. The safest place for taking a ride.

Photo: © olplix

#3. A very creative way to remind us that smoking kills

Photo: © wowsit

#4. This is so cool and funny

Photo: © PhenomenalPhoenix

#5. My rhododendron looks like it’s trying to run off.

Photo: © phigene

#6. A cool design or an Octopus hug.

Photo: © Syeuk2002

#7. “The Visitor” in downtown Vancouver Washington

Photo: © Trashytoad

#8. How cool are these car-shaped trees?

Photo: © /Tsunade110

#9. A little one but this cable meant to go around other cables.

Photo: © gigez

#10. These cat pots are so cute and creative.

Photo: © miakialia

#11. The water fountain repair guy left behind a tiny water fountain calling card

Photo: © ajchann123

#12. An amazing Pyramid PC

Photo: © dessie84

#13. This guy’s socks got everyone confused at the gym.

Photo: © beaverkc

#14. My birthday candles lit up according to their wax colour!This house matched their trim colour to the blossoms on their tree out front.

Photo: © Gimliwithovaries

#15. This house matched their trim colour to the blossoms on their tree out front.

Photo: © coolboredom