15 Embroidery Tattoos That Are So Lifelike It Seems They Were Actually Made With Needles and Threads

From big ones to tiny and delicate drawings to 3D tattoos, tattoo art as any kind of art keeps on evolving with new creative approaches, and embroidery tattoos are of these approaches.

Embroidery tattoos are practiced with two main methods cross stitch and crewel and each of these methods gives the tattoos a feeling of real embroidery on the skin.

In this article, we have selected the finest creations by different artists that put tattoo art to a whole another level. These works are so damn cool that it feels like real threads and needles were used to get these lifelike drawings.

Scroll down to see the photos and try to keep in mind they all were only made with ink.


Photo: © ksuarrow_tattoo


Photo: © alicia_casale


Photo: © dean_ozonetattooer


Photo: © dudalozanotattoo


Photo: © pryzant


Photo: © dudalozanotattoo


Photo: © dudalozanotattoo


Photo: © dudalozanotattoo


Photo: © bodyartmag


Photo: © dudalozanotattoo


Photo: © dudalozanotattoo


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Photo: © yomera.tattoo