15 Cutest Retrievers And Labradors That Prove Once Again These Dogs Are The Kindest

Labradors and Golden Retrievers are very similar breeds of dogs only with slight differences between some types. These guide dogs are the embodiment of innocence, loyalty, and endless love. No wonder why they are used to be comfort dogs for the disabled.

Retrievers are the most adaptable dogs and they are considered the world’s finest family dogs. You just need to give them a walk and a good run so they can spend some of their high energy and that’s it, they are happy.

Taking into account their cheerful and trustworthy nature it is no surprise that Retrievers and Labradors are the most popular dogs in the world. They are so people-oriented and kind, and always by your side whenever you need them.

#1. “My Golden Retriever after not seeing me for 9 months.”

Photo: © eurojax

#2. Meet the cutest water baby, Nalu!

Photo: © puppy.lovings

#3. Do you think I’m a good boy?

Photo: © puppy.lovings

#4. Good night

Photo: © realgoldensofoc

#5. This is just a ray of sunshine

Photo: © mister.enzoviola

#6. “Kiss me I’m Irish”

Photo: © lnsta_pups

#7. Cleanup on aisle Adorable!

Photo: © puppy.lovings

#8. It is a mixture of laughter, love, and despair !!!

Photo: © lnsta_pups

#9. Current mood

Photo: © lnsta_pups

#10. Would you like to have some coffee with me?

Photo: © wat.ki

#11. Sweet dreams are made of this

Photo: © urbfssearchhistory

#12. Fluffy pillow

Photo: © lnsta_pups

#13. The kindest shot we saw today

Photo: © lnsta_pups

#14. The cutest smile

Photo: © puppy.lovings

#15. This is Ralph. It’s his first time out in public.

Photo: © aaronr93