15 Curious Discoveries Made After The Question “What happens when…?”

Every discovery comes to life by curious individuals who keep on asking “What will happen if…?” more than anyone else among us does.

Did you ever wonder what would happen if you leave a glass bottle of mineral water in the freezer, when you take a photo right at the moment that lightning strikes, or when a foam filler has a slow leak? We didn’t know either but thanks to those curious internet users now we do! These people noticed something oddly interesting and decided to share it with others.

So, we suggest scrolling down to see some weird stuff and if you have your own little discoveries don’t hesitate to share them with us too! Let’s go!

#1. What happens if the pillow “breaks” in the washing machine

Photo: © SteveLikesToBake

#2. This is what happens when you leave your doors open during high tide in San Diego

Photo: © Cruztec

#3. What happens when foam filler has a slow leak.

Photo: © Bleecampbell

#4. This is what happens when molten steel hits the floor

Photo: © Imgur

#5. What happens when you accidentally leave your Topo Chico in the freezer

Photo: © EndorEwok99

#6. What happens when you save on the wine opener … twice?

Photo: © elSamourai

#7. What will happen if leave a record in a hot car

Photo: © whalejazz12

#8. What happens when you take a photo at the moment when lightning strikes

Photo: © newFUNKYmode

#9. What happens when beavers chew away at a tree

Photo: © Hawkthemanaaaaaaa

#10. This is what happened when they forgot about the package with grass seeds for several months

Photo: © grapecough

#11. What will happen if you wash a tiny bottle with a soap

Photo: © depressed-baby-witch

#12. What happens when you forget a banana in your pocket for 20 years

Photo: © The_GreatWhiteNorth

#13. What happens when golf balls strike the utility cover

Photo: © colaboy1998

#14. What happens in 30 minutes of exposure to -4° F weather with no wind.

Photo: © CodeNameQueso

#15. This is what happens when you crack a coconut without breaking the edible part!

Photo: © takemymoneynow