15 Coolest Antiques And Amazing Old Stuff Made By Humans Throughout History

Archeologists and historians spend years exploring the darkest and hidden facts of history but some people find some really amazing antiques right next to them. Our team finds the antique and old stuff very appealing and satisfying. That is why we have searched for the coolest artifacts made by humans throughout history and couldn’t help sharing them with our readers.

Scroll down to see some really amazing stuff and tell us what has been the coolest discovery you have made just recently.

#1. A spectacular hexagonal emerald watch, which dates from 1600s England. Displayed in the London Museum, with the remarkable ‘Medusa Enerald’ from Zambia.

Photo: © GaGator43

#2. Look how beautiful this couch is

Photo: © brad-Rio-stat

#3. Modern Asian furniture.

Photo: © byellott

#4. This 12th century 32-inch kohoki sword, made during the Heian Period and discovered in 1939 in the attic repository of Kasuga Taisha shrine in Nara, is one of the oldest samurai swords in existence.

Photo: © Fuckoff555

#5. 1909 Wooden Koken Congress restored

Photo: © CBC-Houston

#6. Necklace update! They are colombian emeralds!


#7. The 307-year-old Church of the Transfiguration, located on Kizhi island in Russia, was built entirely of wood without using a single nail.

Photo: © Fuckoff555

#8. This table lamp is just awesome

Photo: © Suspicious_Youth3649

#9. An Antique framed photo of two lovely college “room mates” found for $6.99!

Photo: © TotallyBat-tastic

#10. Love at first sight.

Photo: © /cosmicblisser

#11. Grand Staircase in the Palace of Knossos (2200-2000 BC), Crete.

Photo: © unstkurator

#12. Asian étagère. They were specifically designed to display decorative objects.

Photo: © ishotJefK

#13. An ivory statuette of the skeletal figure of Death as a drummer. Made by Joachim Henne in Germany, ca. 1670-1680 CE, now housed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

Photo: © Fuckoff555

#14. 13th century door from St. Edward‘s Church, Stow-on-the-Wold, Cotswolds, England.

Photo: © Kunstkurator

#15. 1870’s Victorian Mirror meant to sit over a mantel

Photo: © CGMQVXhp1