15 Beyond Impressive Before And After Photos Of Truly Inspiring Transformations That Got Our Jaws Drop

Sometimes it’s sad to see things we used to know in a certain way change so much during the time. But it’s not the case now. When things change for the better it is always satisfying to follow up on these changes.

Our team loves comparing before and after photos of various things that turn into something completely different and something way better. Each of the photos compiled in this post is just like a butterfly metamorphosis. But the most precious thing about them is the enthusiasm and true happiness of those undergoing these changes.

Scroll down to see these incredible transformations and don’t forget to comment on your favorite and the most impressive one.

#1. After 10 years of procedures.

Photo: © /koffiano

#2.  How it started vs. How it’s going (5 years)

Photo: © hypocrite_deer

#3. 3 years of hair growth later (plus some other changes)

Photo: © EricaGrace

#4. “Never had a backyard in my life. Took 3 months of COVID quarantine to pull this together. Finally have my very own balcony oasis in Toronto.”

Photo: © Marzana1900

#5. He grew into such a handsome boy

Photo: © matuizo

#6. “Finally happy with my curls 2.5 years after losing my hair from chemo”

Photo: © fizzywiggles

#7. That was a big old job…

Photo: © omonowa

#8. The Brahmin moth before and after metamorphosis.

Photo: © Cynergy1

#9. “I FINALLY got the curly bangs I always wanted! Still trying to learn to manage them but damn what a glow up!”

Photo: © Lilly_Love21

#10. She is aging backward

Photo: © AmbitiousAnteater

#11. Time changes everything!

Photo: © /GlitchySwitch

#12. A patient with achondroplasia (dwarfism) before & after one arm lengthening and two leg-lengthening treatments.

Photo: © Thibson98

#13. 8 weeks vs. 8 months

Photo: © americanthaiguy

#14. Before-and-after-face-transplant photo. He underwent surgery after a gun accident left him severely disfigured.

Photo: © ohndecoded

#15. Rhinoplasty – 3 weeks post-operation

Photo: © halcye