15 Animals That Mastered The Art Of Making Their Owners Go Crazy And Looked All Cute In The Process

It turns out that not only kids can be naughty and let evil reside in them but also animals. And when they go mad, they are just as cute as babies. That’s why we humans find it hard to punish them, especially when they do the “crime” and look at us with their innocent eyes. They are super funny when they do this, by the way.

We at Modern Mood couldn’t help smiling and feeling the pain of the owners of these naughty creatures while compiling this collection. Check out what the art of making someone go crazy and look all adorable at the same time looks like. Do you have a pet? What’s the most insane thing they’ve done lately?

#1. A Christmas tree in October? He did a favor.

Photo: © Far-Corgi-7219

#2. “If I smile, will you take this contraption off?”

Photo: © EvidencePlayful

#3. Making himself at home…

Photo: © Bashfulapplesnapple

#4. ‘What do you mean I was adopted?!’

Photo: © warmmolASSes07

#5. Wherever I fit, I sit.

Photo: © ellawellyy

#6. She knows what she’s doing

Photo: © VulpixEevee

#7. I said, ‘Open the door.’

Photo: © /FelecityIsMyName

#8. The last remaining Tasmanian tiger!

Photo: © Plonsky2

#9.  “It was already like this when I got here.”

Photo: © baileykristine

#10. It started with a smile. That damn smile.

Photo: © Nearby-Sentence-4740

#11. Maybe the cat figures this guy won’t be petting him.

Photo: © SimplySerenity

#12. She is rebooting herself after a brief shutdown

Photo: © QuokkaNerd

#13. I’ll just stand right here.

Photo: © fyflate89

#14. We feel this doggo pain.

Photo: © Jgaitan82

#15. Lemon ALWAYS tries to jump on top of Honey and keep her in the box.

Photo: © CreauxTeeRhobat

#Bonus: This naughty hippo vibe

Photo: © ArialXjs