15 Amazing Things That The World Keeps On Surprising Us With

We simply love the fact that the things which this world surprises us with are countless and there is always something new to learn, to explore, and to experience. This makes our life way more interesting and thrilling.

Even though schools teach us a lot about this world, history, and science there are still more interesting things to discover which won’t be found in our textbooks.

One way to memorize things we learned is by playing fun games which helps us remember things more easily. Another way is by photos and facts. This is exactly what we suggest doing.

The captivating photos selected for this article are a fun way to discover new things and memorize them and later tell friends about them. Let’s go explore the world some more.

#1. Ants carrying a shrimp

Photo: © made_in_GEORGIA

#2. To save harvests from the current cold wave hitting western Europe, French winemakers have lit candle fires in the vines.

Photo: © To save harvests from the current cold wave hitting western Europe, French winemakers have lit candle fires in the vines.

#3. A fascinating painting on a fence

Photo: © insolent_swine

#4. A click farm in Asia where low-paid workers are used to inflate video views and trick advertisers to believe that their ads are running successfully.

Photo: © unacceptabbble

#5. Julia Butterfly Hill, an American activist known for having lived in a Redwood tree for 738 days to protest the logging actions of the Pacific Lumber company.

Photo: © Natsu_704

#6. The sunrise and the swan

Photo: © gunslayerjj

#7. The flaming lips have brought back live music in a safe, socially distanced manner by encasing themselves and the audience in giant plastic bubbles. In a concert at their hometown in Oklahoma City, the musicians literally blew up 2020 to protect themselves and the fans from COVID-19.

Photo: © GoodMorningib

#8. A very unique face-shaped mountain In Morocco

Photo: © assassinkingXD

#9. Amazing book folding art by D. Hinkley. He only uses second-hand books to make them. Never cut pages.

Photo: © PopularCulture786

#10. Australian $20 note with clear windows


#11. The rock pigeon in all its grace.

Photo: © rgaywala

#12. Fungi or melted wax?

Photo: © owtothemoonwego

#13. A tram in the Netherlands failed to stop in time and broke through the emergency barrier. It’s being held up by the statue of a whale’s tail.

Photo: © DeeKaah

#14. “First the man takes the drink, then the drink takes the man.” A sculpture created based on an old Irish saying.

Photo: © PC_Cuuhhrriiss

#15. An Albino Indian family

Photo: © zero01ne