15 Amazing Creations By Talented People Skilled In Crafts That Will Make You Speechless

Arts and crafts are what allow people to reveal their most creative selves and let their imagination run wild. Did you know that there are more than 100 different crafts and there are more of them than just knitting or blacksmithing? Although some crafts look very difficult to learn they are not as much hard if you put enough effort into learning and practicing them.

These people who created amazing stuff are obviously very skilled in crafts and are incredibly talented. This is exactly the case when they say some people have golden hands for their ability to create amazing stuff that just leaves us speechless.

#1. A cat tree made out of a fallen apple tree

Photo: © Sweeetcaaat

#2. “Burning embers” hat. Created to capture those cozy memories of being by the fire!

Photo: © sojadedblond

#3. “Learned some fancy-looking new stitches and made a top”

Photo: © sharkvannah_

#4. A quarantine project: Painted a mandala on an old, beat-up table

Photo: © litha_of_the_summer

#5. An army of stained glass piano boxes

Photo: © Unknown

#6. Something really beautiful with Wisteria

Photo: © Unknown

#7. A whole bunch of incredibly painted rocks

Photo: © edgewoods

#8. Lord of the rings messenger bag

Photo: © Mrhydez

#9. “My mum, 65, crochets to keep her mind active. This is her latest creation.”

Photo: © azureal

#10. A needle felted albino bat

Photo: © y_fedorova

#11. A perfectly crocheted rug

Photo: © stitchin-away

#12. A beautiful hand embroidered Mountain Gorilla

Photo: © AndraB182

#13. “I wanted to be a jellyfish for Halloween. It turned out better than I thought.”

Photo: © hambakmeritru

#14. “Sailing ship, oil painting by my mother”

Photo: © alonemushroom

#15. A german shepherd sculpture carved from a trunk

Photo: © Unknown