15 Airly And Delicate Floral Tattoos That Even Tattoo-haters Loved

Tattoos are not always about black ink inserted into your body in the form of a flashing eagle or gangsta symbols. Sometimes they are more about delicacy, enchanting, and fairy body art. Just as much as painting on a canvas, tattooing is a unique way of transferring the artist’s message to humans bodies. And if you are lucky enough to find a skilled and creative tattoo artist, you will have a little masterpiece on your skin for life.

Today, our collection is dedicated to delicately beautiful tattoos inspired by flowers in bloom that will probably make you give a call to your preferred tattoo artist and save a spot for your next visit.

Do you have a tattoo? Scroll down to see these airy marks of ink that are just like the breath of spring. Don’t forget to tell us which one you liked the most and wouldn’t mind having! Let’s go!


Photo: © mini_tattooer


Photo: © soltattoo


Photo: © koray_karagozler


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