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14 Photos Of Ordinary Life In Britain That Surprisingly Are Not About The Queen

London is the capital of Great Britain. The first line of every student when asked about the UK. Well, more educated ones will tell you about Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Bridge, double-deckers, and the Royal family, of course. But on our way of looking for new typical British stuff, we discovered that Britain is more than just that.

In this post, the Modern Mood team has collected 14 photos from ordinary life in Britain to give you a brand-new vibe about this country. Scroll down to see the photos and discover Britain from a new angle.

#1. You can’t get any more casual than this guy in a London park:

Photo: © daveonline1

#2. Local speed watch in London

Photo: © Spirited_Lettuce_108

#3. Moved to England from the US a few years ago and have been working on my fry-up game ever since.

Photo: © colddustgirl

#4. Rate this one too. Beach fry up

Photo: © keepmepostedx

#5. Typical UK mourning

Photo: © itsxykearmour

#6. Maybe it was worth the wait after all

Photo: © Stotallytob3r

#7. Council just left stacks of new bins for us to fight over and buggered off

Photo: © scream_schleam

#8. The London Metal Exchange is the last exchange in Europe to use Open Outcry trading

Photo: © Ahiezze

#9. British money is slightly too big for North American wallets

Photo: © bahska_

#10. The “After work drinks on a Friday in the City” vibes

Photo: © otdevil

#11. The duality of the UK

Photo: © ManThatsDan

#12. Do you eat a kiwi with or without the skin?

Photo: © jacksoon

#13. This didn’t age well.

Photo: © chaostunes

#14. What trying to make tea looks like

Photo:  polishprocessors