10 Epic Photos Of Extreme Lovers That Are An Inch Away From Death Showing What Living On The Edge Feels Like

Who said you can’t feel an image? If you have acrophobia (the fear of height) you might as well scream looking at the people who risked to hike, lay down and relax, climb or cycle in the most dangerous heights, on the edge of cliffs and proudly take photos.

In fact, the fear of heights is a very normal response of our organism. While acrophobia is the irrational and extreme fear of heights mainly caused by a traumatic experience, the feeling of fear while looking down a mountain or watching someone jump is more than natural.

It’s also natural if the photos of this collection scare the hell out of you or the opposite makes you jealous of these people that are obviously having fun and are very proud of how courageous they are.

#1. How breathtaking and extremely scary is this?

Photo: © Lucas Gilman

#2. Aren’t they even scared a little?

Photo: © unknown

#3. This is what living on the edge looks like

Photo: © Roof Topper

#4. So beautiful, yet so dangerous!

Photo: © Dan Carr

#5. Settled…

Photo: © Gordon Wiltsie25

#6. One hand away from death

Photo: © Natasha Sadovskaya

#7. What’s the next move?

Photo: © Christian Pondella

#8. This must be so thrilling

Photo: © Desre Tate

#9. Are there extreme lovers among our readers?

Photo: © Keith Ladzinski

#10. He is a little worried anyway

Photo: © Corey Rich